I’ve spent the past year with Shekinah, a charity which directs it attention to helping those affected by poverty, homelessness, probation, criminal conviction, drug abuse and those looking for a way to get employment on a non-judgemental basis.

“Shekinah was founded in 1992 in response to the encouragement of Isaiah 58 - “to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter”. The charity is a Christian charity geared simply towards the perceived needs of disadvantaged people.

"We think it is essential that anyone with any kind of need can receive these services without any feeling of judgement, irrespective of race, age, religion, sexuality, gender, addiction, criminal record, ability or disability. As we have seen new needs we have added new services such as training and employability. We hope that all of these services contribute to the restoration of individual people to live to their full potential.” - Richard Morgan

I have witnessed first hand the success of the charity and it’s mission. I have discovered individuals who have changed themselves spiritually during their time spent at Shekinah. The stills from this project have two intentions, to document this change, to question the way in which society judges these individuals and of course, reflect the diversity of the charity.

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